i love reproductive endocrinology.

now, let's clarify: i love REI, not for the patient contact, not for the medicine, and not even for the surgeries, which can be pretty cool. i heart REI because it is the most awesome schedule that i will see for the next FOUR YEARS. yesterday i went to the vet and the grocery store after work, and i still got home before 5 pm.

for those non-medical folks, reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI) is the ob-gyn subspecialty that helps women with endocrinological (hormone) disorders and women who can't get (or stay) pregnant. it involves a lot of clinic work, and lots of nice little surgeries with hardly any blood loss. the patients are generally young and healthy, and as a group, extremely compliant with medical care. they also tend to have insurance. it doesn't get any better than this!

now, i find endocrinology as a medical subject rather dry, and i have personal objections to helping certain people get pregnant, so i would never explore this as a career option (plus the thought of finishing residency and than doing ANY more training makes me want to poke my eye out with a sharp stick). but i can see how the lifestyle would draw people in. you make loads of money with a normal human being's workhours. no call. no weekends. research if you want. or not. really, it has the makings of a fine career.

for all my enjoyment of a great schedule, it means i have plenty of time to go home and realize how lonely i am. i finally gave in to salinger's pitiful self-starvation and fur-biting depression and got a kitten for him. her name is harper lee. she is a cute little russian blue approximately 1/20th his size. i guess that makes her a mini-me. or mini-he. anyway, he hates her guts. but at least glaring and hissing at her gives him something to do all day, because i no longer come home to him meowing pitifully at the door. she is destroying my apartment and my reputation, as i have now officially become a single woman with cats. that is cat(s), as in plural. you know that old lady who died and left her house to 120 cats? one day, long long ago, she had a cat. then she got another one. and it snowballed from there.

i will try to restrain myself. in the meantime, i have three more weeks to enjoy my enviable schedule which has but one remaining 24-hr weekend call. i will store up the sleep and homemade meals and clean laundry like a squirrel before winter, because OB days, AKA 'the rotation from hell,' is next.

but i'm not going to think about that.


At 12:24 PM, Blogger Sandy said...

I felt the same way/had the same concerns when I got the second dog for the health and sanity of the first. That was several years ago and I stopped there, so I imagine you can have that restraint too... And yes, I put up with the jokes and comments for about six months. Then people found something else to do.

Now, with all this free time, don't forget to also catch up on your reading! Spindles End was awesome and the same author wrote several rewarked fairy tales I am reading through now. All fun, but easy to stop and start if I need to. The new series by Donita K. Paul is also lovely. Faith based fantasy. Three out of four in the series are out and I have enjoyed them all so far. Orson Scott Card's women of the bible novels are also on my night stand, but I have only heard good things, haven't experienced. Enjoy the respite! Busy is the best cure for lonely.

At 8:34 PM, Blogger Return Of Saturn said...

Aww, I have a russian blue. They are such beautiful kitties!! When I got my cat, I was worried I'd be the Cat Lady, too. Now she lives with my parents though.
I agree with the poster above, busy is the best cure for lonliness. I'm working full time and taking 13 units so there's no time for lonliness. Of course, being so busy doesn't allow much time to meet new friends or potential husbands. ::sigh::


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